Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Benefit 'Benebalm' & 'Lollibalm' Hydrating Tinted Lip Balms!

Spring is finally here, or if you're like me and you live it Scotland.. Its still cold and rainy. However, there are some brighter spells trying to break their way through. I can feel the warmer weather creeping in which makes me so excited! Its time for dewy skin and glowy makeup!

I actually got these tinted lip balms as a christmas present and I've been reaching for them quite a bit. Now that the spring weather is on its way I think its the perfect time to wear something like this. For me, spring is the time for natural looking makeup and pretty pastel hues - sounds dreamy right? I love products like this in the spring because they look so natural but can totally pull a look together as well. They're very moisturising and surprisingly long lasting despite how creamy they are. I particularly love Lollibalm, its a pretty blue toned pink that really brightens up the face! These balms are also really lovely when layered over there matching tints from benefit, it makes the colour much more intense but still really natural! I love these and highly recommend them.

Benefit Tinted Lip Balms - Available at Boots



  1. Hiya hun, what camera do you use to take your pictures? I'm looking for a really good quality one! If you could let us know by commenting back on my blog id much appreciate that and i am really liking these colours, loving the natural colours x

    Jess x

  2. They look really nice for summer. Great colors.

  3. These sound like the perfect lip products for spring! I love the look of Bene Balm- gorgeous! My favourite lip product for spring atm would have to be my No7 BB lips, so easy & hydrating with a tint of colour!

    Jasmine |


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