Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bourjois Blush Exclusif!

As a pink lover and a cream blush fanatic, this little Boujois pot is something of joy for me!

This blush is a self adjusting pink colour, meaning it reacts differently depending on your skin and creates a shade unique to you, one that'll suit you best! For me the result is a pretty baby pink colour that compliments my snow white complexion wonderfully. It adds a lovely wash of colour to my cheeks and brings my face to life. The texture is also lovely too, creamy but not to sticky and it drys and sets on the skin well, allowing it to stay in place all day! I've seen a few swatches of this going about and for some people this blush is a super dark fuchsia and for others its a paler result than mine, so  I believe this truly creates an exclusive colour!

Have you tried this? What was your shade like?
Bourjois Blush Exclusif - Available here.



  1. Just found your blog and I love it! New follower here, I can't wait to read more of your posts xx

  2. Oh this looks lovely :)
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  3. this blush looks very pretty ! thanks for following my blog !! followed you back doll :) xx

  4. I've never tried a bourjois blush - this one sounds lovely, i really want to give it a try! xx

  5. It looks pretty and seems to be a pretty color to use <3

    1. It's so pretty! Great how it adapts for everyone!

  6. Hello girlie :)

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  7. Following on GFC (the little eye) :)

  8. This blush look so pretty!
    Great post!
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  9. Thank you for your lovely comment and support, I am following you too now :)



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