Saturday, 25 May 2013

Revlon Lip Butter - Wild Watermelon

New Revlon Lip Butters? Of course I had to get them..

These lip butters are my favourite formula of lipstick, they have a good amount of pigmentation which isn't too overpowering and they're super moisturising. I picked up this new shade in Wild Watermelon which is a lovely bright red - a good one if you've wanted to wear a red lip but are too scared to be so bold! I love how you can wear these sheer or build them up for more colour! I'm sure you've heard it all before about these lip butters but I really do love them and you really should check them out! The new colours are gorgeous and there is definitely something for everyone!

The lip butters a definitely one of my all time favourite lip products - I tend to reach for them 4/7 days a week haha!



  1. I've got the shade strawberry shortcake and it's such a lovely soft pink colour. I love the formula of the lip butters - really moisturising!

    amy x

    1. they're my favourite lip products :D

  2. Hi, thanks for following me!
    Love this shade, I'm yet to try any lip butters - I'm dying to!
    Will be looking for this one when I do.
    Following back. xx

    Rachael -

    1. You really need to try them! I love then haha!


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